DeYoung Family Zoo

For off the beaten track there was an unexpected zoo in Upper Michigan called, “DeYoung Family Zoo”. My family all went to check it out and got to see everything you would expect to see in a zoo but the animals are better-taken care of than what I have seen in many other zoos. I… Continue reading DeYoung Family Zoo

Frog Hitchhiker

While driving to a new trailhead I picked up a new hitchhiker. Don’t worry, I pulled over the car to make sure he was safe.

What is Boondocking?

If you look up boondocking in the dictionary you won’t find it. But if you look up boondocks you will get the following definition. noun (used with a plural verb)Usually the boondocks . – an uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, as a backwoods or marsh. – a remote rural area: The company moved to a small town… Continue reading What is Boondocking?

How Much Is A Fishing License: Each State’s Price For 2021

How much is a fishing license – all states’ prices in one table with online purchase links Every state sets its own price for fishing licenses and the price of a fishing license varies depending on the duration of license required and whether or not you are a resident of that state. Continue reading this… Continue reading How Much Is A Fishing License: Each State’s Price For 2021