DeYoung Family Zoo

For off the beaten track there was an unexpected zoo in Upper Michigan called, “DeYoung Family Zoo”.

My family all went to check it out and got to see everything you would expect to see in a zoo but the animals are better-taken care of than what I have seen in many other zoos. I have heard that whenever someone hits and kills a deer that the police notify the zoo and they come to pick it up right away so that they can feed it to the tigers. The fresh meat is good for their diet.

I also so an albino deer and many other animals. If I can find the other pictures that I took I will update this post and put them here. Their website is currently down, but when it is up you can visit them at

This is from their website in the past.

“DeYoung family Zoo is home to over 400 animals from around the world. We believe in large natural habitats with real rocks to sun on, trees to climb, grass to roll around on, and ponds to swim in! From exotic to domestic there is sure to be something for everyone. Take a tour through our family album and get a sneak peek of what to expect on your next visit!”

If anyone else has some pictures you are encouraged to add them along with your experience to this blog post below.

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